All fic here is Sam/Dean Wincest unless otherwise stated.
All work under 300 words can be found in the drabble section.

NC-17, 1300 words - First a freak weather system cranks up the heat and then Dean does. PWP.

Mixed Signals
R, 570 words - Everything was great until the Sheriff's car appeared.

Almost Lost
R, 537 words - Sam's kink gets him in trouble of the best kind.
Sequel to Mixed Signals.

Holy Roller
R, 1008 words - Dean performs a ritual on Sam.

Stitches and Ice Cream
G, 509 words - Dean sees Sammy bleed for the first time.
* Gen! Kidfic! *

Tiny Kinks
NC-17, 3x100 words - Not all kinks are sexual.

R, 575 words - A look at Dean's relationship with fire, from the inferno that took his mother to the one that brought Sam back to him.

Closer Than Brothers
PG-13, 2000+ words - Relationships can change over time.

Fundamentally Altered
NC-17, 1451 words - Repeated near-death experience would affect us all.

R, 5x100 words - Sensual snapshots of their changing relationship.
* Warning: Non-penetrative underage sexual contact *

Swings and Roundabouts
NC-17, 3700 words - Series of seven connected ficlets, each based on the interpretation of one sin and one virtue.

NC-17, 500 words - Dad was gone, and Dean needed Sam. Could he be enough?
My very first Supernatural ficlet.

PG-13, 500 words - Sam has a choice to make.

PG-13, 500 words - Sam studied more than law at Stanford.

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