Tiny Kinks

by darkhavens

Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3x100
Summary: Not all kinks are sexual
Notes: Written for challenge #6, 'Kink', at kaz2y5.

Dean likes to watch Sam sleep; it's a rare treat now the nightmares have their claws in him.

Sam's stubbornness is more than equal to his own. He's entirely capable of staying awake for three whole days, subsisting on a diet of extra-caffeinated drinks and fruit cups. It drives Dean crazy.

When Sam's determination fades and his head begins to nod, Dean slows the car and turns the music down and springs for a motel, if he can find one. If not, he keeps the engine at a dull roar, keeps one eye on the road and one on Sam.


Sam likes to watch Dean shave.

When Dean asks why, he says it reminds him of early morning wake-up calls - Dean in the shower, dad at the sink, and Sam, perched on the toilet lid, waiting his turn. Dean snorts and keeps on shaving.

The reality is that Dean's a vain bastard and he always offers his cheek for Sam's inspection when he's done. So Sam gets to touch that most ridiculously baby-soft skin. He gets to trace the curve of jaw and pouting lower lip, just to make quite sure Dean hasn't missed a spot. It's worth lying for.


Dean likes to hear Sam lose control, likes to hear his voice crack when he's pleading for release, for more, for 'God, Dean, please!' He likes to keep the pressure up, to tease and draw him further in until Sam loses all his words and starts to keen and yell. Then Dean lets him come.

Sam loves to feel Dean's cock moving inside him as aftershocks are rolling through his body from a killer blowjob. It makes him feel complete and grounded, makes him feel alive. Each thrust reminds him that he's here, he's Dean's, he's wanted. And he's loved.



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