by darkhavens

Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean (very minor Dean/OFC)
Rating: R
Words: 5x100
Spoilers/Warnings: Non-penetrative underage sexual contact, voyeurism.
Summary: Sensual snapshots of their changing relationship.
Notes: Written for stagesoflove 2006, Round 2, 'Exploring the Relationship Through The Senses'.

#1 - Sight

Sammy was just eleven when he saw Dean get his first blowjob, from a woman almost twice his age - big hair, smeared red lips and grabby hands.

He watched from behind the dumpster as she dropped to her knees, unmindful of the trash and suspect puddle near Dean's sneakered feet.

Plastic nails clawed at Dean's zipper, tugged his cock free and Sammy's balls crawled up into his body - that looked scary.

And then not so much, with Dean's eyes scrunched closed, mouth open, gasping, head thrown back as he shuddered through his climax. And Sammy trembled, silent, through his own.

#2 - Hearing

In the dark of night, from the other bed - Dad's off on the trail of something big so they're left here alone - Sam listens to the rhythmic creak of motel bedsprings, and the slick wet slide of Dean's hand on his cock as he jerks his way to heaven.

It's second nature now for Sam to palm his own erection - just the sound is enough to get him hot. He mimics his brother, hand moving at Dean's pace, fast and hard, his breath stuttering with Dean's as they slide in tandem through a bone-melting climax.

"Now get some sleep, Sammy."

#3 - Touch

Afterwards, Sam is almost positive the whole thing was an accident, a side effect of one of his more shameful dreams.

He never meant to fall asleep mid-movie on Dean's bed, doesn't know why Dean didn't move away.

The only memories he has are vague, furred with sleep and sweet arousal, overlaid with previous scenes and dreamscapes.

Another body, warm against his, pressed from chest to ankle, planes and angles neatly interlocked.

He touched and thrust, stroked and ground against the matching hardness, sure this wasn't real, that it couldn't be.

But kissing was never a part of any dream.

#4 - Smell

Now, when Dad brings them cherry soda, or orders cherry pie for dessert, Sam gets squirmy. Dean takes to chomping down on cherry flavoured gum, just to see his brother turn bright pink.


"Shut up, Sammy, it's all they had!"

"Okay, butů cherry?"

"Well, hell, if I'd known you were going to be like this, I wouldn't have bothered! You want to do this or not?"

They're naked under the covers - Dad's off overnight again - and Dean's been talking about something called frottage.

"I said I did!"

They got lube everywhere.

Whenever Sam smells cherries, he thinks of Dean.

#5 - Taste

Dad gave Sam his first real fake ID for his sixteenth birthday, and Dean took him out and got him drunk and blew him.

Seeing Dean on his knees in the alley gave Sam vertigo, flashing back to when he was eleven. A second later and his mind was wiped clean of every thought except for 'Mouth!' and 'Hot!' and 'Wet!' and 'Morepleasemore!'.

Two amazing minutes later, when he came, Sam was in awe. Dean swallowed every single drop and then rose gracefully to his feet to share the taste.

Sam couldn't get enough.

"It's your turn next, okay, Dean?"



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