SUPERNATURAL S1 EP #05: ďBloody MaryĒ
LINKS BY: Tallisen and darkhavens

ORIGINALLY AIRED: October 11th 2005
WRITTEN BY: Terri Hughes Burton, Ron Milbauer
DIRECTED BY: Peter Ellis


SAM WINCHESTER: Jared Padalecki
JESSICA: Adrianne Palicki
CHARLIE: Marnette Patterson
JILL: Chelan Simmons
DONNA SHOEMAKER: Kristie Marsden
DETECTIVE: William B Taylor


ďLaugh, I Nearly DiedĒ by The Rolling Stones
ďSugar, Weíre going DownĒ by Fallout Boys
ďRock of AgesĒ by Def Leppard




(Three girls sit around a coffee table in the living room)

GIRL 1: Okay your turn, truth or dare.

LILY: Truth.

GIRL 1: Do you want to make out with Benji Schwartz?

LILY: Dare.

GIRL 1: Okay lame. You have toÖ Say ďBloody MaryĒ[1][2][3] in the bathroom.

LILY: Is that the best you can come up with?

GIRL 2: Whoís Bloody Mary?

GIRL 1: Sheís this witch.

LILY: I heard she was a lady killed in a car crash.

GIRL 1: It doesnít matter who she is. The point is, if you say her name three times in the bathroom mirror, she appears and *scratches your eyes out*.

GIRL 2: So why would anyone say it?

LILY: Because it isnít real.

(Lily stands up and picks up a candlestick.)

GIRL 1: No turning on the lights, and remember, three times.


(Lily sets the candle down and faces the mirror.)

LILY: Bloody Mary. This is so stupid. Bloody Mary. (Candle flickers) Bloody Mary.

(Lily hears a sudden banging on the door and screams. She opens the door to reveal her friends laughing in the hallway)

GIRL 1: Scared you.

LILY: You guys are jerks.

(The camera pans to Mr Shoemaker upstairs)

MR SHOEMAKER: Lily, you mind keeping it down?

LILY: Sorry daddy.

GIRL 1: Sorry Mr Shoemaker.

GIRL 2: Sorry Mr Shoemaker.


(Mr Shoemaker retreats to a bathroom upstairs to prepare his medicine, passing several mirrors with a dark reflection in them. He takes pills from the cabinet and sees something in the mirror. Confused he leans forward and reaches for his eye.)


GIRL 1: You so like him.

(Donna enters from the front door and pauses in the hallway)

DONNA: Hey geek, you guys having fun?

LILY: Youíre up past curfew.

DONNA: Thanks, dad.


(Donna finds a pool of blood seeping from beneath the bathroom door. She slowly approaches and pushes it open, screaming at what she sees.)


(Sam is sleeping on his bed. Jessica is above him on the ceiling. She gasps and drops blood on his forehead. He wakes up shocked.)


SAM: No!

(Jessica bursts into flames.)



(Sam is reclined in the passenger seat and Dean sits in the driverís seat. He has a hand on Samís chest.)

DEAN: Sam, wake up!

(Sam sits up and Dean removes his hand.)

SAM: I take it I was having a nightmare?

DEAN: Yeah, another one.

SAM: Hey, at least I got some sleep.

DEAN: You know sooner or later weíre gonna to have to talk about this.

SAM: Are we here?

DEAN: Yep, welcome to Toledo, Ohio.

(Sam holds up a circled obituary.)

SAM: So what do you think really happened to this guy?

DEAN: Thatís what weíre going to find out. Letís go.

(Both exit the Impala and walk toward a building behind it.)


(Dean and Sam walk down a darkened hallway and pause at an opened door marked ĎMorgue 144í. They enter and Dean reads a nameplate - Dr D Feiklowicz - sitting on a desk. They approach a man sitting at a table.)

GUY: Hey

DEAN: Hey.

GUY: Can I help you?

DEAN: Yeah weíre the, uh, med students.

GUY: Sorry?

DEAN: Oh Dr Feiklowicz didnít tell you? We talked to him on the phone. He uh-- Weíre from Ohio State. Heís supposed to show us the Shoemaker corpse. Itís for our paper.

GUY: Well, Iím sorry, heís at lunch.

DEAN: Oh. Well he said, uh -- Ah well, you know, it doesnít matter. You donít mind showing us the body, do you?

GUY: Sorry, I canít. Doc will be back in an hour. You can wait for him, if you want.

DEAN: An hour? Ooh, we gotta be heading back to Columbus by then.

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: Ah, look, man, this paper is like half our grade, so if you donít mind helping us out?

GUY: Look, man, no.

(Dean chuckles and turns away mumbling.)

DEAN: Iím gonna hit him in his face, I swear--

(Sam slaps Deanís arm and steps in front of him. He reaches into his wallet and takes out several large bills. He counts them while Dean and the guy watch. Sam drops the money on the desk and Dean looks away in disgust.)

GUY: Follow me.

(Sam starts to follow but Dean grabs him by the arm.)

DEAN: Dude, I earned that money.

SAM: You won it in a poker game.

DEAN: Yeah.

Cut to: INT. MORGUE.

SAM: Now the newspaper said his daughter found him. She said his eyes were bleeding.

GUY: More than that. They practically liquefied.

(The guy uncovers Mr Shoemakerís body. The camera pans from behind Dean and Sam to the side of the corpse.)

DEAN: Any sign of struggle, you know, maybe someone did it to him?

GUY: Nope, besides the daughter he was all alone.

SAM: Whatís the official cause of death?

GUY: Docís not sure. Heís thinking massive stroke maybe an aneurysm. Something burst up in there, thatís for sure.

SAM: What do you mean?

GUY: Intense cerebral bleeding. This guy had more blood in his skull than anyone Iíve ever seen.

(The camera quickly cuts to a face shot of Mr Shoemakerís bloodied eye sockets then back to Sam.)

SAM: The eyes. What would cause something like that?

GUY: Capillaries can burst; I see a lot of bloodshot eyes with stroke victims.

DEAN: Yeah, you ever see exploding eyeballs?

GUY: Thatís a first for me. But, hey, Iím not the doctor.

DEAN: Hey, think we could take a look at that police report? You know, for, uh, our paper?

GUY: Iím not really supposed to show you that.

(Sam reaches into his pocket and takes out his wallet.)


(Dean and Sam descend the steps.)

SAM: Might not be one of ours. Might just be some freak medical thing.

DEAN: How many times in Dadís long and varied career has it actually been a freak medical thing, and not some sign of awful supernatural death?

SAM: Uh, almost never.

DEAN: Exactly.

SAM: All right. Letís go talk to the daughter.


(A memorial service is being held for Mr Shoemaker and many people are dressed respectfully in black. Dean and Sam enter the house.)

DEAN: I feel like weíre underdressed.

(The camera follows them through the house.)


(A guest shows Dean and Sam Mr Shoemakerís family by pointing, and they quickly approach Donna, Lily, Charlie and Jill who are sitting around a small table in the yard.)

DEAN: You must be Donna, right?

DONNA: Yeah.

SAM: Hi, uh, weíre really sorry.

DONNA: Thank you.

SAM: Iím Sam. This is Dean. We worked with your dad.

DONNA: You did?

DEAN: Yeah. This whole thingÖ I mean, a stroke.

CHARLIE: I donít think she really wants to talk about this right now.

DONNA: Itís okay, Iím okay.

DEAN: Were there ever any symptoms? Dizziness? Migraines?


(Lily turns to face her sister.)

LILY: Thatís because it wasnít a stroke.

DONNA: Lily, donít say that.

SAM: What?

DONNA: Iím sorry, sheís just upset.

LILY: No, it happened because of me.

DONNA: Sweetie, it didnít.

SAM: Lily, why would you say something like that?

LILY: Right before he died I said it.

SAM: You said what?

LILY: ďBloody Mary,Ē three times in the bathroom mirror. She took his eyes, thatís what she does.

DONNA: Thatís not why dad died. This isnít your fault.

DEAN: I think your sisterís right, Lily. Thereís no way it couldíve been Bloody Mary. I mean, your dad didnít say it. Did he?

LILY: No, I donít think so.


(Dean and Sam walk down the hallway and open the bathroom door slowly. There are bloodstains on the tiled floor.)

SAM: The Bloody Mary legend. Dad ever find any evidence that it was a real thing?

DEAN: Not that I know of.

(Dean enters the bathroom to investigate and Sam stoops in the doorway examining the blood stain.)

SAM: I mean, everywhere else, all over the country, kids will playÖ Bloody Mary, and as far as we know nobody dies from it.

DEAN: Yeah, well, maybe everywhere itís just a story, but here itís actually happening.

SAM: The place where the legend began? But according to the legend, the person who says--

(Sam shuts the cabinet to avoid the mirror)

SAM (cont.): The person who says you-know-what gets it. But here--

DEAN: Shoemaker gets it instead. Yeah.

SAM: Right.

DEAN: Never heard anything like that before. Still, the guy did die right in front of the mirror. And the daughterís right, I mean, the way the legend goes, you-know-who scratches your eyes out.

SAM: Itís worth checking in to.

(Dean and Sam hear someone approach and step out of the bathroom.)

CHARLIE: What are you doing up here?

DEAN: We-- We had to go to the bathroom.

CHARLIE: Who are you?

DEAN: Like we said downstairs, we worked with Donnaís dad.

CHARLIE: He was a day trader or something. He worked by himself.

DEAN: No, I know. I meant--

CHARLIE: And all those weird questions downstairs. What was that? So you tell me whatís going on, or I start screaming.

DEAN: Alright.

SAM: Alright. We think something happened to Donnaís dad.

CHARLIE: Yeah, a stroke.

SAM: Thatís not the sign of a typical stroke.

(Charlie glances down at the stained floor.)

SAM (cont.): We think it might be something else.

CHARLIE: Like what?

SAM: Honestly, we donít know yet. But we donít want it to happen to anyone else. Thatís the truth.

DEAN: So, if youíre going to scream, go right ahead.

CHARLIE: Who are you, cops?

(Sam and Dean share looks with each other.)

DEAN: Something like that.

SAM: Tell you what. Here. You think of anything, you or your friends notice anything strange, out of the ordinary, just give us a call.

(Sam hands her his number and they leave.)


(Dean and Sam enter through the front doors and walk down the main hallway.)

DEAN: Alright, say Bloody Mary really is haunting this town, thereís gonna be some sort of proof, right? A local woman who died nasty.

SAM: Yeah. But a legend this widespread, itís hard. I mean, thereís like 50 versions of who she actually is. One story says sheís a witch. Another says sheís a mutilated bride. Thereís a lot more.

DEAN: Alright. So, what are we supposed to be looking for?

(They enter the main part of the library.)

SAM: Well every versionís got a few things in common. Itís always a woman named Mary, and she always dies right in front of a mirror. So we gotta search local newspapers, public records, as far back as they go, see if we can find a Mary that fitís the bill.

DEAN: Well, that sounds annoying.

SAM: No, it won't be so bad, uh, as long as weÖ

(They notice all of the computers have ĎOut of Orderí signs taped on the monitors.)

SAM: Ha. I take it back. This will be very annoying.


(Charlie is driving and talking on her cell with Jill.)

Charlie: Iím not sure. They were cops or detectives or something.


JILL: Who ever they were, they were cute.


JILL: You didnít think so?

CHARLIE: Yeah, okay, they were cute butÖ still, do you think something could have happened to Donnaís dad?

JILL: Maybe Lily was right. Maybe Bloody Mary got him.

CHARLIE: Ha, ha. Very funny.

JILL: Wait, Iím sorry. Was that fear I hear in your voice?


(Jill stands up from her bed.)

JILL: Charlie, Iím walking to the bathroom mirror right now.

CHARLIE: Jill, quit it.


(Jill stands in front of the mirror)

JILL: Oh, no. I canít help myself. Iím gonna say it. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.


(Charlie waits with baited breath for a long moment of silence, then Jill screams through the phone.)


(Jill laughs.)

JILL: Youíre such a freak. Iíll call you tomorrow.

(She hangs up and laughs.)


(Charlie sighs and hangs up.)


(Cue: Sugar Weíre Going Down by Fallout Boys)

(Jill goes into her closet to change and then removes her earrings at her desk, passing two mirrors and a TV that reflect a dark womanís figure. She enters the bathroom and turns on the faucet.)

(Fade out/end featured music)

(cont. Jill notices that her reflection is staring back at her, and her left eye begins to bleed.)

REFLECTION: You did it.

(Both of Jillís eyes are bleeding, and she seems to be in pain.)

REFLECTION: You killed that boy.

(Jillís reflection stares impassively as she collapses on the floor.)


(Flames retreat from nearly engulfing Sam, back up to the ceiling, where Jessica is pinned. The flames disappear and Jessica gasps. Sam opens his eyes in shock.)



(Sam wakes up on the hotel bed. Dean is watching him from a table beside the window where heís been reading a book.)

SAM: Whyíd you let me fall asleep?

DEAN: Because Iím an awesome brother. So, what did you dream about?

SAM: Lollipops and candy canes.

DEAN: Yeah, sure.

SAM: You find anything?

DEAN: Oh, besides a whole new level of frustration? No. Iíve looked at *everything*. A few local women - a Laura and a Cathryn - committed suicide in front of a mirror. And a giant mirror fell on a guy named Dave. But, uh, no Mary.

(Sam lays back on the bed.)

SAM: Maybe we just havenít found it yet.

DEAN: Iíve also been searching for strange deaths in the area. You know, eyeball bleeding, that sort of thing. Thereís nothing. Whateverís happening here maybe just ain't Mary.

(Samís cell phone rings and he answers it.)

SAM: Hello?

Cut to: EXT. PARK. - DAY

(The camera pans from the topmost branches of a tree down to where Charlie sits crying on a park bench. Dean sits on the back of it and Sam stands beside her.)

CHARLIE: (crying) And they found her on the bathroom floor. And her-- her eyes. They were gone.

SAM: Iím sorry.

CHARLIE: And she said it. I heard her say it. But it couldnít be because of that. Iím insane, right?

DEAN: No, youíre not insane.

CHARLIE: God, that makes me feel so much worse.

SAM: Look. We think somethingís happening here. Something that canít be explained.

DEAN: And weíre gonna stop it. But we could use your help.


(Charlie enters, locks the door behind her, turns the light on then crosses to the window where she lets Sam and Dean inside. They set several bags down and Sam opens one heís placed on Jillís bed.)

SAM: What did you tell Jillís mom?

CHARLIE: I just said I needed some time alone with Jillís pictures and things.

SAM: Good.

(Dean closes the window and pulls the drapes.)

CHARLIE: I hate lying to her.

DEAN: Trust us, itís for the greater good. Hit the lights.

(Charlie turns the lights off and Sam readies a small video camera.)

CHARLIE: What are you guys looking for?

DEAN: Weíll let you know as soon as we find it.

SAM: Hey, night vision.

(He holds the camera out and Dean flips a switch that activates night vision.)

SAM: Thanks. Perfect.

(Dean poses and smiles at the camera.)

DEAN: Do I look like Paris Hilton?

(Charlie laughs and Sam begins to investigate the room through the cameraís view finder. Dean activates his EMF meter. Sam walks to the closest and examines the mirror.)

SAM: So I donít get it. I mean, the first victim didnít summon Mary and the second victim did. How is she choosing them?

(Dean is walking around the room with the ITS.)

DEAN: Beats me.

(Sam closes the closet and moves across the room. Dean continues to scan the bedroom.)

DEAN: I wanna know why Jill said it in the first place.

CHARLIE: It was just a joke.

DEAN: Yeah well, somebodyís gonna say it again. Itís just a matter of time.

(Sam investigates the mirror in Jillís bathroom and sees a stain on the wall just below it.)

SAM: Hey.

(Dean and Charlie look toward the bathroom.)

SAM (cont.): Thereís a black light in the trunk, right?

(Sam carries the mirror into the bedroom as Dean climbs back in through the window carrying the black light. Sam sets the mirror on Jillís bed and Dean secures the curtains. Dean tosses the black light to Sam who rips the back off the mirror. With the black light he illuminates a hand print and the name Gary Bryman.)

CHARLIE: Gary Bryman?

SAM: You know who that is?


Cut to: EXT. PARK.

(Pan to the left revealing Dean and Charlie sitting on a park bench. Sam joins them and sits beside Charlie.)

SAM: So Gary Bryman was an 8-year-old boy. Two years ago, he was killed in a hit-and-run. The car was described as a black Toyota Camry, but nobody got the plates or saw the driver.

CHARLIE: Oh, my god.

SAM: What?

CHARLIE: Jill drove that car.

DEAN: We need to get back to your friend Donnaís house.


(Dean kneels beside Sam who scans the back of the mirror with the black light revealing a handprint and the name Linda Shoemaker.)

SAM: Linda Shoemaker.


(Dean, Sam and Charlie stand around Donna.)

DONNA: Why are you asking me all this?

SAM: Look, weíre sorry, but itís important.

DONNA: Yeah, Lindaís my mom, okay? And she overdosed on sleeping pills. It was an accident, and thatís it. I think you should leave.

DEAN: Now, Donna, just listen--

DONNA: Just get out of my house!

(Donna storms upstairs and Dean punches the banister in frustration.)

CHARLIE: Oh, my God. Do you really think her dad couldíve killed her mom?

SAM: Maybe.

CHARLIE: I think I should stick around.

DEAN: Alright. Well, just, whatever you do, donítÖ

CHARLIE: Believe me, I won't say it.


(Dean is printing several pages from the laptop. Sam stands beside a wall theyíve covered in information theyíve come up with for the case.)

SAM: Wait wait wait. Youíre doing a nationwide search?

DEAN: Yup. NCIC, the FBI database. At this point any Mary in the country whoís died in front of a mirror is good enough for me.

(Sam sits in a chair across from him.)

SAM: But if sheís haunting the town, she should have died in the town.

DEAN: Iím telling you thereís nothing local, Iíve checked. So unless youíve got a better idea-

SAM: The way Maryís choosing her victims, it seems like thereís a pattern.

DEAN: I know, I was thinking the same thing.

SAM: Mr Shoemaker and Jillís hit and runÖ

DEAN: Both had secrets where people died.

SAM: Right. I mean thereís a lot of folklore about mirrors - that they reveal all your lies all your secrets - that theyíre a true reflection of their soul which is why itís bad luck to break them.

DEAN: Right right. Iím guessing that maybe if youíve got a secret, I mean like a really nasty one where someone died, then Mary sees it and punishes you for it.

SAM: Whether youíre the one who summoned her or not.

DEAN: Take a look at this.

(Dean gestures at the laptop monitor and the scene cuts to Sam holding a print out of a black and white crime scene, signifying that several minutes have passed. More pictures are being printed from the laptop. Dean takes the last picture from the print tray and hands it to Sam. Sam compares the picture they took of the name ĎGary Brymaní with the crime scene photo heís holding.)

SAM: Looks like the same handprint.

DEAN: Her name was Mary Worthington. An unsolved murder in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


(Dean stands to one side of the Detective and Sam stands in the background examining something. The Detective walks from off screen and past Dean.)

DETECTIVE: I was on the job for 35 years. Detective for most of that. Now, everybody packs it in with a few loose ends but the Mary Worthington murder, that one still gets me.

DEAN: What exactly happened?

DETECTIVE: You boys said you were reporters.

(Sam wanders back to them.)

SAM: We know Mary was nineteen, lived by herself. We know she won a few local beauty contests, dreamt of getting out of Indiana, being an actress. And we know the night of March 29th someone broke into her apartment and murdered her - cut out her eyes with a knife.

DETECTIVE: Thatís right.

DEAN: See sir, when we ask you what happened we want to know what *you* think happened.

(The scene cuts to the detective pulling out a stack of folders from a filing cabinet, indicating several minutes have past. He carries them to Dean and Sam and sets them on a table.)

DETECTIVE: Technically, Iím not supposed to have a copy of this.

(The detective shuffles through one folder and extracts a picture of the Mary Worthington crime scene that Dean printed out earlier. It is of a mirror with a bloody handprint and three letters scrawled beneath it.)

DETECTIVE: Now, see that there? T-R-E?

DEAN: Yeah?

DETECTIVE: I think Mary was trying to spell out the name of her killer.

SAM: You know who it was?

DETECTIVE: Not for sure. But there was a local man. Surgeon. Trevor Sampson. And I think he cut her up good.

SAM: Now why would he do something like that?

DETECTIVE: Her diary mentioned a man she was seeing. She called him by his initial. T. Well, her last entry, she was gonna tell Tís wife all about their affair.

DEAN: But how do you know it was this guy Sampson who killed her?

DETECTIVE: Itís hard to say. But the way her eyes were cut out, it was almost professional.

DEAN: But you could never prove it.

DETECTIVE: No. No prints, no witnesses. He was meticulous.

DEAN: Is he still alive?


(The detective sits at his desk.)

DETECTIVE (cont.): If you ask me, Mary spent her last living moments trying to expose this guyís secret. But she never could.

SAM: Whereís she buried?

DETECTIVE: She wasnít. She was cremated.

DEAN: What about that mirror? Itís not in some evidence lockup somewhere, is it?

DETECTIVE: No. It was returned to Maryís family a long time ago.

SAM: You have the names of her family, by any chance?


(Several students sit about the grass in front of a tall brick school building. A faint bell can be heard ringing.)


(Donna and Charlie enter and walk to the mirrors where Donna applies makeup.)

DONNA: I mean, you bring these strangers into my house and they ask me things like that?

CHARLIE: Theyíre only trying to help. Please Donna, you have to believe me.

DONNA: What? About Bloody Mary?

CHARLIE: Please, I know it sounds crazy.

DONNA: Crazy doesnít even begin to cover it. I mean itís one thing for my sister to believe this crap. Sheís 12. But you?

CHARLIE: But the way your dad died, okay? And the way Jill died.

DONNA: Okay, soÖ

(Donna turns to the mirror.)

DONNA (cont.): Bloody Mary-


DONNA: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. See? Nothing happened.

CHARLIE: Why would you do that?

DONNA: Oh, my god. There really *is* something wrong with you.

(Donna leaves.)


(Charlie cautiously walks past several long windows, not noticing the figure of Bloody Mary mirrored in them.)


(Charlie sits in class as the teacher moves between aisles.)

PROFESSOR: Elements that lose electrons, become positive ions, which are smaller than other atoms of the same element.

(Charlie takes out a compact mirror.)

PROFESSOR: Therefore the ionic radius is smaller than the atomic radius.

(Charlie sees Mary in the mirror and screams, startling her fellow classmates. She leaps from her seat and casts about.)

PROFESSOR (cont.): Charlie!

(Charlie sees Mary in a large window between the class and lab. She screams again.)

PROFESSOR (cont.): Charlie!

(Her professor races towards her as she screams and throws a stool through the window. Charlie tries to retreat but her professor grabs her by the arms.)

PROFESSOR (cont.): Charlie, stop it! Whatís wrong? Just calm down!

(Charlie sees Mary reflected in his glasses and screams.)

PROFESSOR (cont.): Charlie!

CHARLIE: Let me go!

(Charlie pulls away and runs from the classroom.)

Cut to: EXT. IMPALA.

(Cue: Rock of Ages by Def Leppard)

(Dean and Sam are driving along a small wooded highway. Sam is on his cell phone.)

SAM: Oh really? Thatís too bad, Mr Worthington. I wouldíve paid a lot for that mirror. Okay, well maybe next time.

Cut to: INT. IMPALA.

SAM: Alright, thanks.

(Sam ends the call and puts his cell away.)


SAM: So that was Maryís brother. The mirror was in the family for years until he sold it. One week ago. To a store called Estate Antiques. A store in Toledo.

DEAN: So wherever the mirror goes, thatís where Mary goes?

SAM: Her spiritís definitely tied up with it somehow.

DEAN: Isnít there an old superstition that says mirrors can capture spirits?

SAM: Yeah, there is. When someone would die in a house, people would cover up the mirrors so the ghost wouldnít get trapped.

DEAN: Mary dies in front of a mirror, and it draws in her spirit.

SAM: Yeah but how can she move through, like, a hundred different mirrors?

DEAN: I donít know, but if the mirrorís a source, I say we find it and smash it.

SAM: Yeah, I donít know. Maybe.

(Samís cell phone rings and he answers.)

Hello. Charlie?

(Fade out/end featured music)


(Charlie is sitting on a bed with her knees drawn up and a turtleneck pulled over her face. She rocks back and forth while Dean and Sam go about the room covering every reflective surface and pulling the window drapes. Sam sits beside her.)

SAM: Hey. Hey itís okay. You can open your eyes, Charlie, itís okay. All right.

(Charlie looks up.)

SAM (cont.): Now listen. Youíre gonna stay right here, on this bed. And youíre not gonna look at glass or anything else that has a reflection, okay? Now as long as you do that, she cannot get you.

CHARLIE: But I canít keep that up forever. Iím gonna die, arenít I?

SAM: No. No. Not any time soon.

(Dean sits on the bed across from them.)

DEAN: All right, Charlie. We need to know what happened.

CHARLIE: We were in the bathroom. Donna said it.

DEAN: Thatís not what Iím talking about. Something happened, didnít it? In your life. A secret. Where someone got hurt. Can you tell us about it?

CHARLIE: I had this boyfriend. I loved him, but he kind of scared me, too, you know? And one night, at his house, we got in this fightÖ and I broke up with him. And he got upset, and he said he needed me and he loved me. And he said: ďCharlie, if you walk out that door right now, Iím gonna kill myself.Ē And do you know what I said? I said, ďGo ahead.Ē And I left. How could I say that? How could I leave him like that? I just-- I didnít believe him, you know? I shouldíve.

(Charlie covers her eyes and bows her head.)


(Dean is driving, itís raining outside, and they are travelling down a highway.)

DEAN: You know, her boyfriend killing himself, thatís not really Charlieís fault.

SAM: You know as well as I do spirits donít exactly see shades of gray. Dean, Charlie had a secret, someone died. Thatís good enough for Mary.

DEAN: I guess.

SAM: You know, Iíve been thinking. It might not be enough to just smash that mirror.

DEAN: Why? What do you mean?

SAM: Well, Maryís hard to pin down, right? She moves around from mirror to mirror. So whoís to say that sheís not gonna just keep hiding in them forever? So maybe - we should try to pin her down. You know, summon her to her mirror and then smash it.

DEAN: Well how do you know thatís gonna work?

SAM: I donít. Not for sure.

DEAN: Well, whoís gonna summon her?

SAM: I will. Sheíll come after me.

DEAN: All right, you know what? Thatís it.

(Dean pulls the Impala off to the side of the road. A red car passes. Itís still raining.)

DEAN (cont.): This is about Jessica, isnít it?

(Sam doesnít answer.)

DEAN (cont.): You think thatís your dirty little secret? That you killed her somehow? Sam, this has gotta stop, man. I mean, the nightmares, and calling her name out in the middle of the night, itís gonna kill you. Now, listen to me. It wasnít your fault. If you wanna blame something, then blame the thing that killed her. Or, hell, why donít you take a swing at me? I mean, Iím the one that dragged you away from her in the first place.

SAM: I donít blame you.

DEAN: Well, you shouldnít blame yourself. Thereís nothing you couldíve done.

SAM: I couldíve warned her.

DEAN: About what? You didnít know what was gonna happen. And besides, all of this isnít a secret. I mean, I know all about it. Itís not gonna work with Mary anyway.

SAM: No, you donít.

DEAN: I donít what?

SAM: You donít know all about it. I havenít told you everything.

DEAN: What are you talking about?

SAM: Well, it wouldnít really be a secret if I told you, would it?

DEAN: No. I donít like it. Itís not gonna happen. Forget it.

SAM: Dean, that girl back there is going to die, unless we do something about it. And you know what? Who knows how many more people are gonna die after that. Now, weíre doing this. Youíve *got* to let me do this.


(Pan from the top of a window down to the front door where Dean stands impatient. Stooped in front of the door Sam picks the lock. He opens it and they hurry inside past a small barred gate that isnít locked. There are many mirrors lining the walls and set on stands along the floor. In the distance thunder rumbles. Sam shines his flashlight around.)

DEAN: Well thatís just great.

(Dean holds a picture of the mirror up for them to look at.)

DEAN (cont.): All right, letís start looking.

(Dean and Sam split up heading in different directions. The camera pans to a small alarm panel that has a blinking red light.)

DEAN: Maybe theyíve already sold it.

(Samís light sweeps over the mirror in question.)

SAM: I donít think so.

(Dean joins him and holds the picture up for confirmation.)

DEAN: Thatís it. You sure about this?

(Sam hands Dean his flashlight and steps toward the mirror. Dean follows.)

SAM: Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

(Sam lifts his crowbar and exhales.)

SAM (cont.): Bloody Mary.

(Dean sees a light reflect from outside onto the Worthington mirror. He turns and sees the light move across the wall back by the entrance.)

DEAN: Iíll go check that out. You stay here. Be careful.

(Dean takes a few steps away.)

DEAN (cont.): Smash anything that moves.

(Dean retraces their steps to the entrance and peers around a cabinet. He hears a car engine rumbling.)

DEAN: Crap.

(He stashes his crowbar behind the cabinet as the engine cuts and heads toward the door. Sam waits in front of the mirror and casts from side to side, scanning the other mirrors for movement. Maryís reflection appears briefly in the Worthington mirror but he doesnít see her.)


(Dean steps outside to face two cops.)

COP 1: Hold it!

DEAN: Whoa, whoa, guys. Itís a false alarm. I tripped the system.

COP 2: Who are you?

DEAN: Iím the bossís kid.

COP 2: Youíre Mr Yamashiroís kid?


(Sam stands in front of the Worthington mirror. He sees Maryís reflection out of the corner of his eye and smashes a mirror to his right. She moves to the next one and he smashes it too. He returns to facing the Worthington mirror.)

SAM: Come on. Come into this one.

(Sam notices that his reflection has stopped moving and is staring at him. Just as the reflection lowers a hand several veins appear in Samís cheeks prompting him to drop his crowbar in pain. He clutches his chest as blood begins to run from his eyes.)

REFLECTION: Itís your fault. You killed her. You killed Jessica.


DEAN: Like I said, I was adopted.

COP 2: Yeah.

DEAN: You know, I just-- I really donít have time for this right now.

(Dean punches Cop 2 in the face and uses the momentum to spin and punch the other and turn once more to take Cop 2 out who is standing doubled over. Dean is left with two downed cops laying at his feet.)


REFLECTION: You never told her the truth. Who you really were.

(Sam kneels slowly, still clutching his chest and bleeding from his eyes.)

REFLECTION: But itís more than that, isnít it? Those nightmares youíve been having of Jessica dying, screaming, burning. You had them for days before she died. Didnít you?

(Sam struggles on the floor.)

REFLECTION: You were so desperate to be normal, to believe they were just dreams. How could you ignore them like that? How could you leave her alone to die? You dreamt it would happen!

(Dean appears yelling and swings his crowbar. He shatters the mirror, sending the glass flying. He sees Sam on the floor and quickly rushes to his side, cradling his head in his hands.)

DEAN: Sammy? Sammy?

SAM: Itís Sam.

(Dean cleans some of the blood from Samís cheeks with his thumb.)

DEAN: God. Are you okay?

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: Come on, come on.

(Dean lifts Sam up and drapes his arm over his shoulders for support. They begin to walk away from the remains of the Worthington mirror. They stop suddenly and the camera pans back to the mirror frame. Mary climbs out onto the broken glass. Dean and Sam turn around. Mary stands and takes an unsteady step forward. Dean and Sam collapse to the floor in pain, both of them bleeding from their eyes while Mary approaches. Dean grabs the mirror to his right and holds it up. Maryís reflection stares back at her.)

REFLECTION: You killed them. All those people. You killed them.

(Mary gasps and disintegrates before their eyes, turning into a pile of glass on the floor. Dean tosses the mirror on top, shattering it. He glances around the room while they both try to recover from the pain.)

DEAN: Hey Sam.

SAM: Yeah?

DEAN: This has gotta be like, what, 600 years bad luck?


(The Impala pulls up around a corner and parks outside Charlieís house. Dean is driving, Samís in the passenger seat and Charlie sits in the back. Dean glances over the back of his seat.)

CHARLIE: So this is really over?

DEAN: Yeah, itís over.

CHARLIE: Thank you.

(Dean shakes her hand and she climbs from the car heading towards her house.)

SAM: Charlie.

(Charlie turns around.)

(Cue Laugh I Nearly Died by Rolling Stones)

SAM (cont.): Your boyfriendís deathÖ You really should try to forgive yourself. No matter what you did, you probably couldnít have stopped it. Sometimes bad things just happen.

(Charlie leaves and Dean swats Sam in the arm.)

DEAN: Thatís good advice.

(Dean turns the engine and they depart.)

Cut to: INT. IMPALA.

(Dean and Sam are driving through town.)

DEAN: Hey, Sam?

SAM: Yeah?

DEAN: Now that this is all over, I want you to tell me what that secret was.

SAM: Look, youíre my brother, and Iíd die for you, but there are some things I need to keep to myself.

(Sam glances out his window and sees Jessica standing on the street corner in a white night dress. Sam watches as they drive by and she watches him until a telephone pole temporarily blocks his view. When they move past it sheís gone. Sam looks confused but says nothing.)

(Fade out/end featured music)



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